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Climate Scenario Planning: BuzzKill for Dinner Guests

In response to a challenge at a dinner party, a scenario is described where we fail to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions sufficiently to prevent a major global consequence. Some of the implications are outlined here.

Sharp Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Greenhouse gas accounting will emerge as a main-stream field of practice as we address climate change. The numbers calculated for GHG emissions will have great significance as industries and nations measure progress in abating the problem, and as expected markets price and trade tons of carbon/CO2 equivalents against limits. Here we explore some of the uncertainties to be expected in an example CO2e emission calculation.

A Fair Trade for Email: You Decide.

A persistent theme in these writings is the abundance of computing power available for free, or almost free.  In the Featherlight series at ExecutiveEngines, we are illustrating how much critical IT horsepower can deployed in a startup for much less than the daily cost of a fancy coffee, a latte grande. These ideas are forged […]

Dark Clouds and the Economics of SPAM

New study on SPAM economics crossed my radar screen, same week as the U.S. Postal service is reporting a reduction in volume. Related? Meanwhile from the dark side of the cloud, botnets are vigorous users of utility computing.

Choose Wisely When Using the Cloud

Cloud Computing holds great promise for innovation and advantage in computing and business. Choosing to apply it to some warmed-over application already served well enough will not lead to any breakthrough. Choose something thought impossible or unworthy before. Choose wisely.

Mining Global Computing Reserves

Millions of networked computers form the internet. Some are servers and tens of thousands of them reside at the large websites such as Google and Amazon. There are explicit business reasons a large company may wish to make spare computing available as Cloud Computing. There are also implicit benefits to providers who dare to offer their spare computing cycles to the rest of us.

Is the internet more real than TV?

The current financial crisis has many of us “tuned in” on TV and the internet. The same video content will likely be received differently on the internet than it is on TV, rooted in the expectations we attach to each. Our expectations of people in internet video and TV video are different. Executives doing internet video should be more Real than they can afford to be on TV.

Welcome to CrustyBytes

Welcome to CrustyBytes, where as the tagline suggests, we focus on the connectedness of technology, business and brains. Brain science is going Open Source, which means it is freely available to you and me. Tech and Biz are well studied, although far from done. CrustyBtyes will look at look at Tech and Biz from a perspective of what we are learning about what goes on in our users’, colleagues’ and own heads.