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Probabilities and Simulation: Shopping in Abundance

Titling this post was a challenge: The Engineer and the Mayonnaise was tempting, but I am reluctant thinking about what Googlers might be thinking if the search engines bring them here.  No matter.  The nameplate says “Tech, Biz and Open Source Brains,” and we will get around to all three here. This post is about […]

Welcome to CrustyBytes

Welcome to CrustyBytes, where as the tagline suggests, we focus on the connectedness of technology, business and brains. Brain science is going Open Source, which means it is freely available to you and me. Tech and Biz are well studied, although far from done. CrustyBtyes will look at look at Tech and Biz from a perspective of what we are learning about what goes on in our users’, colleagues’ and own heads.