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Book Review: The Rational Optimist

The title attracted me to borrow The Rational Optimist from the library. Rational and optimistic are characteristics for which I strive. I also picked up the book hoping to find positive actions to address great challenges. I read it, was disturbed and disappointed. The author suggests that all generations are presented with potentially cataclysmic risks, […]

Book Review: China’s Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society

Fundamental, lucid and much more rational observations of the change, progress and realities of China than you can get from the media or politicians. One of the best explanations about China’s self interests, constraints and self-perceptions as it grows dramatically. I especially appreciate how John and Doris Naisbitt describe the legitimacy of the government as […]

Book Review: Total engagement how games and virtual worlds will change the way we work

This a profound set of ideas, although they are hard to describe. I liken the book to looking at the early maps the European explorers generated of North America. Something valuable here, but the resolution is low at this early stage and we do not have enough experience. Still, the ideas are spot on. I […]

Book Review: Digital Dice Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems

I was blown away years ago when I first learned of Monte Carlo simulations and how they can be applied to big, serious problems. Reading Paul Nahin’s book, I realized the beauty of applying these techniques to everyday problems. Then I discovered Octave, the open source numerical programming language and alternative to Matlab. Now it […]